Voice And Data

Voice And Data

The modern marketplace requires mobility, connectivity, and effective communication channels. Customers expect more. Employees expect more. The world is embracing technological innovations that make it easier for us to communicate and manage a business. The right communications platforms can improve service levels, provide accountability, realize business growth, and minimize infrastructure expenses. There are so many choices, though, that purchasing decisions are becoming more and more complicated. UniTech Solutions NY has been helping businesses improve communications and processes by tailoring platforms and applications to the specific needs of the business.

We Install, troubleshoot, repair and test all voice & data network lines. We service all business and home phone & data lines. We will install or move your phone system attained on-line or elsewhere, along with add more phones or equipment, program, troubleshoot and repair, and clean up the system and wiring to your satisfaction. We can provide many reasonably priced options for new or reconditioned systems and phones at your request.

Some of our services include:


-Rewire existing jacks, and add new jacks, move service or any telephone system -Testing all you’re cabling with latest test equipment with test results

-Computer/phone cable installation: cat-5/5e/6

-Professional, clean, respectful, and dependable.

-Will respond at your convenience. Job done right the first time