Audio and Video

Audio and Video

UniTech Solutions NY provides clients with huge performance yet user-friendly entertainment systems, from simple one-room A/V system to total media integration. We strive to deliver the most exceptional entertainment experience possible, no matter the setting. We provide quality solutions for Residential and Commercial customers.

The installation of your entertainment system begins with an onsite consultation where we listen to the clients and determine their needs, conduct a thorough evaluation of room structure and layout, and present a customized system design.

Every room is built differently, so from room shape to the décor can affect the overall performance of you home theater or entertainment system.

Entertainment should be heard and not seen. As one of the most important technical step, wiring requires the experience of trained technicians to properly route and connect cables to ensure long term safety, invisibility, reliability and performance.

Unitech Solutions NY provides pre-wiring for new construction and wiring for existing spaces. As a major component in both the design and installation processes, our solutions meet the most superior standard.

UniTech Solutions NY will always strive to ensure ease of use and optimal performance by selecting the appropriate equipment to deliver years of satisfaction. UniTech Solutions NY recognizes that service and maintenance after the sale is something that differentiates us from others and with our network, we are able to provide extraordinary service in New York Metro Area. UniTech Solutions NY sees this as a way to strengthen our relationship with each and every client.