About Us

About Us

Over the years UniTech Solutions NY has worked with many industry leaders to create secure and convenient homes and businesses with custom solutions for our customers. UniTech Solutions will provide all services associated with your Video Surveillance (CCTV), Access Control, Intercom, Phone & Data, Audio & Video and Structured Wiring. Our services include: Design, Integration and Maintenance.UniTech Solutions NY is one of New York’s leading security solutions providers. UniTech Solutions NY provides a variety of technological security solutions for the residential and commercial sectors throughout the New York Metro area. We are capable of providing both new security systems installation services or to repair or upgrade existing systems. UniTech Solutions custom tailors security solutions for your specific needs as each home or business requires a different type of security solution whether it is a surveillance system, access control, intercom or any other integrated system.Reliable communication between different areas of your home or office is key to security and better business practices. Intercom systems at UniTech Solutions NY offer innovative features, such as color video interfaces, powered by digital technology to connect remote locations for increased peace of mind. UniTech will install and/or integrate any intercom system as per client’s specifications.

We can help plan and review wiring infrastructure and create a stable and efficient foundation for your data and phone system. UniTech Solutions NY can perform every part of the job for data and phone wiring. Installation includes all wiring, jacks, termination and testing. We provide customized structured cabling plans with the ability to expand, upgrade and reconfigure you’re wiring needs to meet current and future business demands.

UniTech Solutions NY is a specialty designer and installer of audio and video systems for the home and office. We provide quality products and services to residential and professional clients throughout New York Metro Area. UniTech Solutions NY experience in design and engineering creates for our clients a customized system to meet expectation with the highest quality and most sophisticated electronic components that will remain state-of-the-art for years.

At UniTech Solutions NY we will pre-wire any home, while it’s being built or after. Wire is cheap but opening walls can be very expensive. It is best to put ten times the amount of wire for that will provide capacity and flexibility for the future needs of your home.

Complete Client Satisfaction is the only key performance indicator that is crucial to our success in business. When we are focused on taking care of our client’s best interest and ensure that we are delivering the most effective level of service, innovative solutions that bring value to our client base, billing them properly and timely only then will all the other stuff will automatically fall into place. When our teams focus on providing only the best quality support and the right technology solution that meets our client’s business needs, only then will our businesses begin to flourish and be on the road to complete success.